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The Man in the Moon, etc.

AL's Lunar Club

Instrument: Naked Eye & Orion 10 x 70 Binocs

Date & Time: 1/5/96 between 7-8 PM

Location: Gulf Shores, AL

Conditions: Mild, Clear, Medium High Light Pollution

I finally get a clear night, and you guessed it, Full Moon. Well, I took out my information on the Astronomical League's Lunar Club and my binocs and started work on it. I had never seen the Man in the Moon, Woman in the Moon, or any of the others, so I started with them first. With the sketches above it was easy to spot the Man in the Moon naked eye, but the Rabbit in the Moon was harder. The head and ears of the "Rabbit" were not all that clear, but I got it. No matter how much I tried, the Woman in the Moon was just impossible for me to see naked eye. When I used the binocs, though, it just popped right out. After much experimenting, I discovered that I could not see the "Woman" without the binocs, or the "Man" or the "Rabbit" with the binocs. It must have something to do with the contrast. How about you? I still haven't caught the moon at the right phase for the Cow Jumping Over the Moon, but I will eventually. I finished up the evening using the binocs to spot Maria and the major craters. Try it the next clear full moon night.

The sketches above were scanned from information on the Astronomical League's Lunar Club. For more information on the Lunar Club or any of the other Astronomical League Observing Clubs... The AL Home Page

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