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Four Summer Open Clusters for Binocs

The following binocular observations were not made from a dark sky site, but from an area where light pollution was pretty bad (bright portions of the Milky Way visible with difficulty), behind a house I was renting near the beach. Despite the conditions, this night was memorable because I had just wandered out with my binoculars before going to bed to try to catch some objects on the Astronomical League's Deep Sky Binocular Club List. These four open clusters were memorable because in 20 minutes, in a fairly small area of the sky, I was able to see four open clusters with quite different appearances. Note: I usually describe open clusters as either starry (meaning individual stars are resolved) or fuzzy (meaning it appears nebulous).

Instrument: Orion 10 x 70 Binocs

Date & Time: 6/26/95 between 10-10:20 PM

Location: Gulf Shores, AL

Conditions: Warm, Clear, Medium High Light Pollution

IC 4665 - Ophiuchus - Fairly large, loose collection of dim stars, easy to find near Beta Ophiuchus

IC 4756 - Serpens - Very large group of very many dim stars

NGC 6633 - Ophiuchus - Some brighter stars in a small fuzzy area, smaller and brighter than IC 4756, in the same field of view

NGC 6709 - Aquila - A small fuzzy cluster near a circle of dim stars

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